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Consulting Services for Law Firms  
Consulting Services for Law Firms
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Joyce Keene


In today's economy, it is most important to effectively communicate and share knowledge and expertise. Often firms struggle to establish successful methods for developing lawyers who can cross sell, recruit and develop solid client relationships. Firms also often need to gain insight into how they can work more productively


BusinessTalk has teamed with organizational psychologist and law firm expert Joyce Keene to offer you a package for establishing and maintaining the best mentoring programs and knowledge sharing strategies for your firm. We will work with you to:

  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Work with you to structure a customized mentoring/knowledge-sharing program
  • Help you initiate the kick off event
  • Provide train-the-trainer effort for long-term success
  • Follow up to measure success at the six-month interval

Our unique approach combines the best of our law firm experts with an award-winning organizational psychologist collaborating with you to bring about creative solutions specific to your firm.


Six months after the program launch, we will review with you your progress and make any necessary adjustments for continued success.

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