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"The instructors were clear, well-informed, prepared, articulate and humorous with a tough audience (lawyers)." - Senior Partner, Major Philadelphia Law Firm

"Excellent! Best day of the workshops. All the instructors were superb." - Associate, Leading New York Law Firm

"Excellent presentation of tools which are clearly going to be of great use. Fantastically positive feedback and very helpful and engaging coaching. Many thanks." - Associate, National Law Firm

"Very good program. Ideas were practical and easy to understand. I got a lot of useful information that can be directly applied to my work life. Instructor was great!" - Project Manager, Merck & Co.

"Very relevant class. I will use the tips I learned every day. I always got high marks in English in school, and so I considered myself a 'good writer'. After the Business Writing class, I really see how I need to adapt my writing for a business setting and how different the goals to that style of writing really are." - Chemist, Avon Products, Inc.

"Excellent Program! Very useful in real world situations." - Participant, recent Meeting Skills seminar

"This was an informative, productive course. I will be putting the things I learned to use immediately". - Technical Project Leader, International Pharmaceutical Company

"Very practical and effective. High value condensed into a very good length of programming. Invaluable!" - Partner, National Law Firm

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